Your The Only One Thats Real

When you kiss me,are you breathless? When you touch me,do you fall apart? Do you shiver when you dream? Is there a pounding in your heart? when i talk do you hear? When I cry do you care? When I wake up in the morning do you want me there? CHORUS: I want you to know me I want you to hold me To know Who I am What I want When I feel you're the only one thats real I want you to know me Iwant you to hold me Cause when we kiss When we touch That all I know You're the only one that's real When you call me ,are you smiling? When you leave me ,does it make you sad? Is there an emptiness you feel? When we're together are you glad? In my silence you told me, If i'm crazy console me, Cause in each others arms is where i wanna stay.... CHORUS You're the only one that's real... The only ONE......... CHORUS(repeats til' fade) Back To Site