Rougher Then The Average

ANITA: I'm the "a", the "n", the "i", "t", "a" Once you're with me, you'll always wanna stay 'Cause I'll make you feel good; never blue To put it simple: I'm a dream come true! ANITA: Please, baby..ya gotta let me go Of course ya wanna stay, ha, I know But time is precious; time is money I'm rougher than the average, remember that honey! RAY: I live my life, do not interfear Always tough, shed no tear Bass in your face, the electric bomb Don't just stand there...come on, come on The contrast megablast are for everlast I'll put you down in a microphone contest 2 Unlimited put you to the test Rougher than the average, yeah we're the best ANITA: Rougher then the average honey! Remember that honey! ANITA: Most guys I love, some guys I hate 'Cause some guysunderestimate the things I do, and the things I can Rougher than the average is what I am! RAY: Check me out while I'm coming on strong This is the Ray, no, never do you wrong Always the right girls spend the night Take you down as quick as dynamite Rougher than the average, yeah, that's me Fresh and dope as you can see Girl, in my room, and in, out we go Rougher than the average...let the bass go! Back To Site