I Will Be Yours

Oh, I will be yours I don't know what to do I can't believe it's true that You can make me feel this way I see it in your eyes It made me realize There's something that I've got to say Refrain: I just wanna tell you that I'm sorry For all the things I've done to make you worry And all the time I cared for you from the bottom of my heart Chorus: I will be yours if you'll be mine I will be there 'til the end of time I will be with you until the day that I die I'll be yours, I will be yours I've been around the world And seen a lot of girls But no one can compare to you It's really plain to see That you belong to me Cause you're the only one I need Refrain Chorus I will be yours (2x) Oh, I will be yours I will be yours (2x) Chorus Back To Site