Swing It Out

Chorus: Swing, swing it out, swing it out Swing it baby let me know that you mean what you say When yo swing it all the way Now baby, swing it out You stood out amongst the crowd And I was left without a doubt That you were meant for me So romanced was I by you One dance and then I knew That I could fall in love, oh yeah Oh baby won't you swing it out Chorus (2x) Swing it out, girl swing it out, girl swing it (7x) I have never known before A girl I wanted more The way I want you now I admit you are the best And with you I am obsessed And could never do without Oh baby, won't you swing it out Chorus (2x) I, I like to watch you when you dance And tonight don't you make any other plans Unless you're making them with me Swing it, swing it, swing it (2x) Chorus

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