Round The Bend

I'm going totally round the bend I don't wanna see my friends I don't wanna see my mad friend Cause he's driving me insane I don't wanna see my friends I'm going totally round the bend Earlier on today I tried to walk down the street But my feet kept slipping on the pavement I found myself at ninety degrees to the rest of the world It's not much fun you take it from me________ I'm not having too good a time There's people worse off than me, Don't think I don't realise that but I'm going round the bend again the last thing I wanna do Is see my friends again I'm going quietly round the bend again I try to function as a normal human being I washed my car earlier on this evening And now I'm trying to get it together To cook a little meal Before I go for a drink with my friends But I got no food I got no time to go to the supermarket It's not that I couldn't make time It's more that I get confused when I get there People walking past, see the green tray outside They see a nice little flat imagine a person inside He's having a great old time Well I wish I was having a greater time Than they could possibly imagine that I'm having All I wanna do is go far away and see things I've never seen before I like the pyramids they weren't built in a day y'know ???????????? pyramids don't fit the equation But I'm so paranoid I can't even make it to the supermarket Let alone go to Egypt and see my favourite pryamid I go round to Robin's and try and eat some food there Sometimes its better if you're in the company of a man He's just said he's had a glass of red wine So why am I had mine I listened to The Beach Boys just a minute ago, Wild Honey It's not the best album but its still pretty good They've got some funny little love songs on there It's not really a Brian's production So its probably not as good as something like Pet Sounds I'm going totally round the bend Don't wanna see my friends again I just wanna be left alone And never bothered ever again Never again, ever again Ever again (repeated) Back To Site