Dance O'er The Border

Nice, nice 'n' easy Say easy, easy Easy, say easy Say easy Say nice 'n' easy Oh, easy Nice 'n' easy Nice 'n' easy Yeah Tonight I stayed home by the phone Talking to the person's unknown Take me to another zone This is my life on the phone Well I feel like Donald Duck Sold my eyes for an once of luck And now my backs on fire, my burning wire The people upstairs don't scream so high So I decided to fly off again and flew up really high Away up on the crest out of sight As I was taking off I was for the first time aware That the people might see me taking off and land and fool around generally I felt real numb ??????? everyone so I sat quite sad and sombre I felt real numb ??????? everyone so I sat quite sad and sombre Flying away from the site on the motorway Quite high so we decided to head back From the ticket office on the edge of the site Said they couldn't make it for myself so we ain't gonna fly In previous dreams I felt ?????????? But sometimes ??????? restrictions on my arms And flap a little hands in the case of the dream Didn't work so a superman dream I couldn't do it in the superman style So I tried flying off to Glasgow Where I was flying somewhere in style on the M8 And I got caught more and more so I came lower and lower So I don't think I wanna do couldn't fly anymore Landed on the car where a women saw me Suddenly appeared on the car but she couldn't carry anything She walked down the street but she ?????????? I want small shop ??????????????????????? In the shop was two small ?????? Then I saw a porch bit Suddenly I realised I was in someone's house And I left and that's all I'm gonna be remembering for right now Thirty seconds to go Fifteen Fourteen Thirteen Twelve Eleven Ten Nine Eight Six Five Four Three Two One Back To Site