Soul Provider

Talk about love, talk about trust Talkiní Ďbout forever baby When Iím talkiní Ďbout us I give you my word, stick to my guns Believe me when I tell ya baby That weíve just begun You donít understand, no The full intent of my plan Chorus: I wanna be your soul provider I wanna stay that way For the longest time I wanna be, your soul provider Jusy say youíll let me And darliní I will I know youíve been hurt, I know youíre love shy You donít have to say it baby Itís gonna take some time Ya got my heart, in the palm of your hand Swear itís gonna stay there baby Give me half a chance You donít understand the full intent of my plan Iíve been waitiní for a long time for somebody like you To give my love, all my love day and night Just say youíll be mine for the rest of your life Baby Iíll show you why Chorus Back To Site