How Can We Be Lovers

Chorus: How can we be lovers if we canít be friends How can we start over when the fighting never ends Baby, how can we make love if we canít make amends Tell me how can we be lovers if we canít be, canít be friends Look at us now, look at us baby Still tryiní to work it out Never get it right We must be fools, we must be crazy Whao, whao, when thereís no communication Whao, whao itís a no win situation Chorus We lie awake, this wall between us Weíre just not talking, we got so much to say Letís break these chains, our love can free us Whao, whao, ainít it time we started tryiní Whao, whao, gotta stop this love from dying Chorus Baby, love is tough but we can take it Baby, times are rough but we can make it We can work it out Chorus Back To Site