I was alone I decided to get up I decided to get out I picked up the phone and gave my boys a shout Told em I'd be out around nine, no particular plan, just whatever comes to mind
(pete) - Bryan called me up and said theres a show tonight, and do ya wanna go tonight
(bryan) - I'm giving my girl the night off, cuz I'm hanging out with Steinkopf
Whenever im down I know where my friends can be found, whenever theres a doubt i just have to shout
He's my friend he's my alibi, my accessory to the crime a bond that will never die, till the end of time
Another night and we got somewhere to go, goin out meeting up at the punk rock show, where the air is hot and the music is loud, my kind of place this is my kind of crowd And we'll be here till the night is done, loyal to my friends and sworn to fun

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