It's your birthday You don't have to do nothin' The time has come And it's finally here Have a candle light dinner Or just settle down my dear Whatever you like Boy it's all up to you We can celebrate baby 'Cause it's your birthday Now close your eyes babe Listen to the melody Anything you want my sweet Just ask me It's the day for us to share So leave your problems outta' here It's right here in me And make this day history Chorus: It's your birthday We could spend time together We gonna' celebrate You and me It's your birthday So baby blow out the candle We gonna' celebrate You know it's your birthday I'm sending out invitations To let all your friends know that It's your birthday But all that I really wanna' do Is wrap you up and get in the groove Keep you all to myself It's your birthday Now the mood is right now And you don't have to fantasize All your dreams could come true But it's up to you If you can't decide boy Just give me all your mind I got a surprise A present that you'll like Chorus It's your birthday You don't have to do nothin' (repeat to fade) Back To Site