"She Can't Love You"

I saw your new girlfriend the other day And I expected for her to be so much more than she was I checked out her style The way she smiled, the way she moved The things she said The way she looked at me like "I got your man" She can't love you like I can All of her love just can't compare to what I have She can't touch you like I do Cause when ya'll touching, you pretend it's me and you 1 - And there's no way Her love's as good as mine There's no reason For you to waste your time When we were together you told me what you didn't like And you went out and got exactly that type You said that your new girl is nothing compared to me Everything that she does wrong I always do right She can't hold you like I can Boy you're a fool if you can't realize what you had She can't feel you like I can Cause I'm a girl that's always standing by my man Repeat 1 Repeat 1 Repeat 1 There's no way, there's no way That her love could be, could be as good as mine There's no reason, no reason For you to even go and waste your time Your time Repeat 1 until fade Back To Site