Look Thru My Eyes

Judge not and shall be judged first Die nigga, die nigga Chorus: Look in my eyes, see what I see Do what I do, be what I be Walk in my shoes, hurt your feet Then know why I do dirt in the street [DMX] Burning in hell, but don't deserved to be Got niggas I don't even know that wanna murder me It's because they heard of me And they know that the Dark is for real The bark is for real, when you see that spark it'll kill Be poppin, robbin and chill, take it over there bark wit' it From Ohio to Cali to Baltimore back to New York wit' it Come through flyin', a 129 Up the school street cuz I come through mine Barking my dogs, get at me nigga arf arf arf Get at me nigga What the deal is, never forget what real is Them cats that used to say X is the best know he still is Can't help but feel this, putting goosebumps on your arms Take you there if you want but I lose chunks with the bomb Then come for the star Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and it's getting warm Feel me yo Chorus: repeat 2X [DMX] I can understand why y'all niggas is scared of me And why the big dogs never wanted to play fair with me Cuz I leave blood wherever I go, wherever I flow Wherever I blow niggas who know I can go Feel me yo What is it about the Dark that gets niggas where they about to spark About to bark, take it to the heart cuz it's real like that Give him chills, but do I make him feel like that Shit is real, what you don't know is gon' getcha With the steal, what you don't know is gon' splitcha I can blaze tracks Make niggas play raps and raise stacks Paybacks a bitch, didn't you used to say that Play around in dirt, you get mud Cuz you know, I can either spread love or shed blood And bloodshed turns the mud red and real sticky Or I can hit you from roof, make it a quicky For real Chorus [DMX] I bear my soul, niggas wouldn't dare, my role Gives a nigga a heart of gold but with a hole Lost all control, my shoulders hold a lot of weight Just like first time soldier eighth done told us not to hate But then it's out of state, and it's too late For change is to be made That's what I get for fucking with strangers in the shade This is it, that nigga's got to give me a place For the same reason that fate, chose to give me away Take away hate, now I'm supposed to love the one that cursed me The one that wouldn't give me a cup of water when I was thirsty It was always his versus me, but now I gotta teach him Personal feelings put aside, cuz now I gotta reach him What I'd like to do is turn my head, like I don't know him But it seems like I've been called on to show him So I'ma show him And if you never met me, then you've no right to judge me I've got a good heart but this heart can get ugly Chorus: repeat 2X Feel the pain, feel the joy, of a man who was never a boy For real Arf arf, arf arf arf Back To Site