No Way

(chorus) You promised not to let me down You promised that you'd be around You said I'd never hurt again Me believe you, no way You promised that you'd hold my hand You promised that you'd be my man I need for you to understand For me to trust you, there's no way 1st verse: You come and go You stay, you leave You're full of empty promises That never came to be And baby you say our love was built to last, Not love like this I need someone to count on, Not just now and then (chorus) 2nd verse: I'm moving on, that's the best for me You swear you'll make it better, babe, But I can't believe, 'Cause I've heard it all before It's in the past, must look ahead I thought that I'd be loving you, But I'm hurt instead (chorus) 3rd verse: Every tear I've cried, every time you lied, And every time you broke my heart Now I'm going on 'til the pain is gone, I'm waiting for the pain to go away (chorus) You promised me, You promised me never to leave me, Baby, no way Back To Site