The Chase

Uhhhh yeahhhh uh, The Firm Lust... hate... envy... jealousy Connivin niggaz Nigga nature, uh, yeah Jumped out the ride, floss high, black tie Cocoa to lye, three guys, slanted eyes I shoulda tried, sweet thugs stay dove Up in the Land, crash bar ill beam They threw this CREAM, my whole team must fiend The ghetto dream, Fox Boog, jigged up Stay in the cut like WHAT, layin in the Bentleys stoned, flossed on, me and Capone Picasso, Mardi Gras, play the low in a six-double-oh Benz chrome, dominicano Superstar Lila Escobar holy matrimon' Tied to The Firm, die for The Firm So help me God, street life played right I got his wife, hemmed up, in bun Nigga two to the gut CHORUS: (repeat 2x) Nowhere to rest nigga, nowhere to hide It's a high speed chase and death is on my mind Will I fall or fail who call the shots it's all real Firm, get on your job, niggaz, what the deal Mahogany Brown laid it down, shoulda seen her Threw the heater, to the grill, it was real Pure steel, my niggaz peel murderin, gunnin through Queens in Beams, forty-four chrome, Mac-11 stow it in they jeans Pretty thugs, Firm team hold it down, we hold the crown Got it locked rock shop, heron caught Out of town breeze through, he had a Z2 baby blue no clue, we had this whole life planned Call the fam lay low, Firm style let it flow CHORUS (repeat 2x) He was dressed, in a sky blue Guess Eva wrecks, we played the left, no threat We had him shook, couldn't look, dripped sweat He coulda fried, I seen his eyes, yeah nigga 'Mega fly, Doe or Die, fifty eye ay Cop way Firm stray, high stake Boo Ill booth how we do, Boogie top gun Phillipine black thing, you know the stee Dunn A-filliation, caramel brown Ill style complexion, you know the deal How we roll, like a vir-gin, on the low Yeah Boo get your swerve on, how we do crew Boog's got it locked bigga, for the crew hold it down niggaz fo' peala, fo' killa Fo'reala, hoe squeala, they know the deala Shit is reala, Firm for real CHORUS (repeat 2x) Back To Site