Ill Na Na feat. Method Man

Intro: Method Man One time........ Up in you like a bone (echo) Johnny Blaze the Iron Lung Foxy Brown The Ill Na Na Yeah, yeah destination, come on, plaque. Foxy Brown: Yo Na Na so ill, first week out, shut the house and let niggaz freak out, she all about sex, part on, check your fax, on a track record I'm all about black shit getting my ass half naked, loving this life we can camp out and drive, you know its tight, send us to the stage and closing the show holding a gat, since your opening it up I know your hoping us wack, niggaz screaming my name on record straight balling, baby I'll be back when you reach a hundred thousand, this is ladies night, and the Mercedes's tight, when I'm coming home? Maybe tonight, be my boo, I them kissing the baby goodnight, Its my time to shine its playtime tonight, I'm trying to stand on my ground knowing if that I fall leaving your ass alone, hoping that I call. CHORUS Method Man: Who's got the illest pussy on the planet? Watch the walls coming down make you cant stand it, the ill na na, true as a blue Vodka, straight shots has been have not dollah dollah, vanilla on the dumb shots, we moving up from the mansion in the yat you got a problem? straight gas hit, one ounce hunt down the brown fox the ill na na Foxy Brown: No more sexing me all night, thinking its alright, while looking over your shoulder watching the whole night, you hate when its the phone right? ladies this isn't hand ball, niggaz help these balls before I call Mike in the morning when its bright light eggs over easy, you hope you have my shit tight when I open my eyes when I'm eating getting your ass up, this aint your pad, I left some money on the dresser find you a cab, no more, shiffier my pain, shiffier I made, its time to out slick niggaz, ladies share my game, put it in high gear fuck the ear wear, Nas ruled the world and now its my year, Islam here on Nas sweared hold on my own like Pee Wee in a movie theater, yeah I don't need a mans wealth, but I can do bad on my dam self. CHORUS Method: uh, vodka, not not not, dollah dollah, stop stop stop, the ill na na Foxy Brown: It no more waiting to exhale we taking deep breath's, ladies take this over, Nas peep this, love thy self with no one to bug me, cause no one going to love me like me, dont do the right thing like Spike Lee, Make my wife and make him write rhymes like these, hit the road mommy told me ignore her and find a prince and kiss and told. CHORUS Back To Site