Fuck You

[Trife] Nine shots greet ya, greet ya; hang with Lil' Cease-ah But don't sling pizza, pizza The gat carryin, rap barbarian Ninety-six Blake Carrington I brings the most dangerous diseases Trife please MC's of all types Homosexuals, dykes, intellectuals like my flow, my charm Wifey on the arm and stay fuckin other bitches Style never switches Inhale, exhale, bail Nino Brown out for shootin up a townhouse in Hempstead, kids fled Rumors was dead, no beef with no cliques Niggaz don't want shit, Trife impresses Lexus GS's, chicks in iceberg dresses Who the best is? MAFIA But faggot niggaz wanna spoil it Stop me from having marble faucets and gold toilets I force it down your throat like sodomy; mama proud of me Cause I stopped killin niggaz for free [Lil' Kim] Uhh, uhh The Anne Klein sportin coke, snortin niggaz lovely I keep my pussy fresh like Dudley; watch the show as my flow bubble over like Mo's and Cristal's Ain't scared to bust my pist-al, sippin hard on Cristal Dream accounts, large amounts Cause Frank don't play with lai money, get high money Ready to die Grady, no if's, and's, or maybe's I'm not your average lady; put that on my 380 Me and my bitch catch flights to Texas Niggas call us Crystal and Alexis Bump into some hoes that be in Houston boostin Trunk full of Donna Karan in the rental LeBaron Uh, who us? We just swervin, in the dark blue Suburban Drinking Bourbon, with Heinekens for the chaser Police'll never chase us we too fly for that Processed and fingerprinted we too dime for that I be, flirtin for certain, wearin short skirts and but ain't no dicks insertin see, that's the difference between me and other bitches, they fuck to get they riches I fuck to bust a nut, Lil' Kim not a slut I gotta reputation to look out for Plus my boss is a outlaw [Notorious B.I.G.] Uhhh... motherfuckers think they tough guys Motherfuckers better hold hands steppin up Faggot ass motherfuckers They really ain't no true players [Larceny] Death comes to those that oppose the clique Dick-riders get off the dick cause, Larceny got guns for y'all And if I get bagged my lawyers got tons of ones for y'all Catchin cases, niggaz pull they macs out Niggaz getting mad cause I dug they backs out Then I blacks out, start shootin kids Cribs is vicious, makin my escape jumpin bridges Malicious - sometimes the danger taste delicious Rule number three don't take love from no bitches You know what makes me much stronger than you I can take pain much longer than you So what you gon' do when I run up in that ass-crease How you wanna spit a grease? {*echoes*}

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