Aunt Dot

[Lil' Kim] .. My Aunt Dot left a glock and some blood on my sheets Told me clean the shit up, then she hit the streets Even though I'm her niece, she copped me a piece Wack-ass caliber, nickel-plated with the silencer What? She don't know I like my guns pretty? Like my boy Castor Troy with the twin-glizzies I heard a knock at the door {*knock knock knock knock knock*} To my surprise I saw these two familiar eyes Who are you? [Lil' Shanice] Whattup? I'm Shanice, don't remember me? [Lil' Kim] She called me by my government name, Kimberly Who sent you? [Lil' Shanice] My mom sent me; her name is Dottie She packed a note in my knapsack along with a shottie [Lil' Kim] Hmmph, she was cute; and mad fly She had the Prada knapsack, with the hat to match Bavari hiking boots, with the mink bubblegoose and I could see she was admiring my Minski suit Then she handed me the note [Lil' Shanice] Here - read this [Lil' Kim] I just stared her up and down cause I couldn't believe this - then I opened it It said, "Bitches is out to get you; your so-called friends, put a bomb in your Benz. I'm on a mission now to do some harm to your friends. They know where you live, so evacuate the crib. And oh, the little girl, that's your cousin Shanice. Since I can't be with her, I need you to babysit her. Besides; she looks up to you - you're her idol - and tomorrow is her first violin recital, and she would be more than happy if you could take her. Peace, my number's on the back of the paper, hit me later." Damn.. what went wrong? Can't we all just get along, and make hit songs? Bitches all up in my ass like a thong If this was a show, y'all hoes would get "gonged" Cause if it's on, then it's on, bring it on What the fuck you waitin for? C'mon, let's get it on What? What's takin you so long? I got plans for the future to bring back your head like Medusa Chorus: Lil' Kim (repeat 2X) Girls be actin stink, and mad funny Y'all bitches bleed like me, on the monthly Can't stand the pain then pop a "Humphrey" I know it hurts.. (I'm killin y'all) [Lil' Kim] Uhhh, we in the Range in this fucked up weather It's snowin and I'm tryin to put the whole shit together How Laverne, she always wanted to be like me and dress like me, and look like me and Nicole, it's like she lived in my house Askin me for money, day in - day out And last but not least the grimiest one Tayesha She planned it all, come to find out her name is Keisha C'mon Shanice I'm takin you to my house in L. Conn. (I wanna go with you!) Uhh, be quiet, and we'll get along fine [Lil' Shanice] C'mon please, I wanna be just like you 600 Mercedes, and 380's in my doll babies Crazy baguettes in my barettes; and, H-class rocks inside my Baby G Shock Fuck Barney and Lambchops; I don't love them hoes! But anything goes when it comes to bankrolls Diamonds on my toes, X-and-O's Versace hottie in designer clothes Scoop Lil' Nique and Jus, then take 'em to Toys'R'Us Make em spend they cheese then kick 'em out and take the bus I'm the S-the-H-the-A-the-N-the-I-the-C-the-E but all my friends call me Miss Little Queen Bee What what? I like the green, know what I mean? Ever seen The Professional? (uh-huh) Well I can clean [Lil' Kim] You know what? I like you; little big person but rule number one - no cursin Anyway, what you know about that? You too young for that, when I was your age I woulda got hung for that Then I picked up the phone, to call my Aunt Dot so she could fill me in a little more about the plot Hmm.. nine-one-seven, eight-five-eight, two-one-two-two "Hello?" Yo, what's the deal? Why these bitches buggin out; I mean, what's this all about? "See it's sorta like what Tonya Harding did to Nancy They don't want you to win no more Soul Train they don't want you to attend no more And I guess that's why, they ain't your friends no more The other day, when I was comin out the grocery store I saw the bitch Nicole in front of the salon next door" For real? "Yup, then I choked the bitch out At least one to the heart, tied up her hands and feet Through her in my backseat, then I dumped her on a dead-end street The other two? Yeah they still linger But don't you lift a finger, I'ma get 'em so just pray I come home and when we hang up, get rid of your phone" Whoo! When Aunt Dot comes, oh brother It's like five Bloody Mary's, one after another Hmmph, she have you stressed, no wearin white, no sex And when she get vexed, you guess what happens next Cause them other two girls, that's still on the menu is the reason why the story is to be continued.. Chorus

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