Mya - Baby It's Yours

Chorus Baby it's yours No one does it better Baby it's yours Make it last forever You know that it's yours Long as were together Baby you can rest assure It's yours, it's yours I never thought it would happen to me I never thought I would feel this way But you kissed me and suddenly Now I'm going crazy (going insane out my mind) You're all I'm thinking of There's nobody in the world Who means as much (the only one that I adore) There's no getting over What's in your mind Chorus I never thought that you would be mine I never thought that we'd be cool But since you came into my life I only think about you (baby it's true all the time) Can't get you off my mind The only place I wanna be is by your side (you're everything I dream and more) The one I adore So what I'm saying, it's yours Chorus Who is on your mind When it's late at night When you’re in your bed And it's your time Don't try to deny I know you're thinking about me all the time Baby boo, I'm hooked on you And I know I got you feeling it (feeling it) All I'm looking for one that I adore So baby it's yours Chorus

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