Not Fair

Boy what have you done for me Iíve been going down on you You not going down on me Girl thatís how a rude boy play s I donít have to take you there I can please you in other ways Across the hall neighbors hear the sound (Squeak) Mr. lover Lover in town Carpet burns from being on the ground Rudy have hot gal a moan and groan (Crash)Oh dawn the phone "Baby donít stop ""Yeah you like that Simone" Champion lover the best pound for pound Take you to the clouds without going downtown Why why donít you just change your ways Wonít you open up your mind Boy weíre living in modern days Girl Iím coming from the school Where if you want the job done right You have to used the proper tool You never been love until youíve been filled Filled full of pleasure from a rude boy `s skill Passion and ecstasy you know the drill Full up your cup till your juiceís spill Leave the door open just for the thrill Now weíre at the point where you canít keep still Covered in sweat but feeling the chill Thatís the effect of a lover manís pill Tell me why you want to tease me ( baby ) donít you want to please me Why you holding back when I know whatís on you mind ( repeat) Repeat 1st verse Back To Site